Design Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much hand drawing did you do in school? Is that a necessary skill?

    Drawing is helpful, but what is most important is being able to convey ideas visually through a sketch. Creative concepting is more important than technical drawing skills.

  • Do you feel the Academy prepared you to get a job? How quickly did you get a job?

    Yes. It’s a very career-oriented program. Based on a recent alumni survey, 30% had a full-time job in less than a month from graduation and 60% within three months.

  • What type of extra expenses should I plan on?

    Materials and supplies vary from quarter to quarter, estimated at $100/quarter. You may want to pay for extras like tutorials, a laptop, fonts, software, printer, etc.

  • How important is web/mobile design in this program?

    Approximately 25% of the graphic design curriculum is focused on web/mobile design.

  • What should I include in my Portfolio?

    Include eight to twelve pieces of artwork. You might include typography, posters, advertising design, drawings, photographs, paintings, computer illustrations, etc. Photographs of three-dimensional work are acceptable. If submitting video, motion, or web work, please submit links.

  • How much can I expect to make as a designer right out of school?

    Based on a recent alumni survey, over 35% started at $65,000.00 or over annual salary, and 80% at $45,000.00 or above.

  • Is the demand for designers growing in the Seattle area?

    In a 2018 survey of local employers, 80% responded that the demand for designers would increase in the Seattle area for the next two years.

  • How much financial strain do you feel from work/school?

    It depends on your current financial trajectory. If you’re paying on your own, you should have savings to help you through…loans are available as well as financial aid. Working during school is difficult but possible. Limit outside work hours to 10-20 hours if possible.