• Belathee Photography


    SCCA alumni Annabel Braithwaite and Dorothée Brand work as co-owners of Belathée Photography. Working from their two home bases of Seattle and New York City, they have traveled to over 14 countries shooting boutique wedding photography. Highly acclaimed, their style is described as a delicate and stunning balance between fine art, photojournalism, and portraiture. In the past they have been featured in Real Simple, PDN, Brides, Instyle Weddings and Town & Country. Most recently, their work was highlighted in Martha Stewart Magazine.

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  • Cameron Karsten

    Photography and Multimedia

    Cameron Karsten has developed an intercontinental exploration into the national religion of Benin: Vodou.  Traveling to Haiti and West Africa Karsten has documented communities  practicing and “seeking their basic humanity; the right to health, happiness and prosperity” and has recently had his work from West Africa featured in GEO Magazin. We ask him a bit about his work and take a look at what was in the magazine write-up.

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  • Erik Skaar

    Commercial Photography

    Teacher and photography program alumni Erik Skaar graduated from SCCA in 2009. His portfolio boasts striking black and white portraiture, breathless details of liquids and a variety of slick product shots. We chatted him up to find out some more about his work and journey to being a photographer and teacher.

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  • Jake MacGraw

    Founder - F-Stop Seattle

    Magraw’s time learning photography at SCCA set him up with skills and support. “I never shot manual before I got into school. Thinking of what I knew when I started school to now is so crazy. I really knew nothing when I got into the program, it gives people that room to grow.” Building self-knowledge over time, he worked on projects that established working relationships and to explore medium and style.

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