Highlights from Jill Vartenigian’s Graphic Design V Class

Hoa Hong’s WEME Magazine was praised by Jill for “seamlessly integrating one of her illustration styles to fit the vibrant brand style of her magazine.”

Instructor Jill Vartenigian’s  Graphic Design V class, also affectionately known amongst second-year students and SCCA alumni as “Magazine Class” turns out amazing work year after year. Each student designs a magazine from concept to completion in just 11 weeks (and on top of 4 other classes).

In Jill’s words “The magazine class is an opportunity for students to curate information and imagery around a subject that interests them, develop an aesthetic for visualizing their collected content, and use a grid system to organize and give structure to their work.”


Jill recognized Erika Morales’ Comeback Magazine for “…designing a delicate rhythmic balance between text, imagery, positive and negative space while using standard columnar grids.”

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching this class Jill replied “Each student gets the chance to work on content they are invested in and showcase their own point-of-view. It’s exciting to be able to help them realize their vision. For me, personally, I really enjoy seeing the variety of visual styles and reading about the different subjects — there is always something new or delightful to learn from my students about the world around us.”

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