Highlights from Lori Peck’s Advertising Class


Local Yokels: Tom Van Deusen and Evan Hughes.

This fall, second-year design students got to work creating a number of exciting advertising campaigns in Lori Peck’s Advertising Class. We asked Lori to highlight a few of the most successful solutions from the quarter.

Aimed at convincing younger Seattle shoppers to order from Local Yokels, Tom Van Deusen and Evan Hughes “found a unique, memorable and likable solution that would stand out in the category.”

Bike Works: Heather Manning and Catlin McCartney

Heather Manning and Catlin McCartney’s work for Bike Works, was recognized by Lori for “tapping into the spirit of Bike Works and working within the brand to create compelling outdoor and social media that cuts through the clutter, and motivates the target audience to get involved and join the revolution.”

Local Yokels: Geeta Sadashivan and Lyria Shaffer-Bauck

Geeta Sadashivan and Lyria Shaffer-Bauck’s team “found a unique way to break through the clutter of the category to show that Local Yokels is the best path to putting farm-fresh food on your table.”

Bic: Ricardo Castro-Garcia, Ryan Tiszai, and Dan McCoy

Challenged with finding a way to make buying an unplugged-retro pen appealing to a tech-driven audience, Ricardo Castro-Garcia, Ryan Tiszai, and Dan McCoy’s Bic 4 Color Pen Outdoor Campaign featured executions successfully designed to appear in an outdoor space. Lori commented, “this is one of those projects that I wished would run because it would be so fun to see it in real life!”


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