Courtney Comfort – Alumni Profile

The two years I spent in the Graphic Design program at Seattle Central Creative Academy (SCCA) were some of the most intensely transformative of my life. In this program, you learn by doing. Working independently and in small groups on a staggering array of projects, your fellow students contribute to your learning through both organic and formal critique sessions. The professors are industry veterans who bring their experience and passion for all facets of design to the classroom. As a result, employers are impressed by the breadth and depth of my skill-set and which has allowed me to fill multiple team roles in both interactive and more traditional design disciplines. The portfolio I created during the program has enabled me to work on exciting projects like REI’s iPad app, which my team and I designed from the ground up. I’ll always be thankful to SCCA for creating the foundation that’s resulted in a rewarding and fulfilling career doing work I love.





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