Take It / Leave It: Alumni Give Back

With the end of the two-year Design program wrapping up, second year designers turned to alumni of the program to help sort through their work. Alumni involvement in the program is a core part of Seattle Central Creative Academy. In an event called “Take It, Leave it” design students engaged in detailed feedback sessions from the people who know the program the best and are out working in the field.




Jill Hannay, Alum and Visual Designer at Fell Swoop said “It was great to see the amazing work everyone is doing and the chance to give a little feedback. Its a really great class.”




Zian Dinh noted that “You get so many critiques; you get to sort through all of them afterwards.” Design student Kelly Rozich said “Getting feedback from people in the field that have gone through the program; it is feedback that is very relevant.”




As the the graduating Photography and Design programs prepare for their portfolio show they are fine tuning how they will present their work. Leaning on the expertise of the broader community helps make that work shine.



More info to come about the portfolio show so be sure to stay tuned and check out @creative_academy on Instagram and on Twitter @SCCAportfolio.

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